TrueBridge provides caring oversight, leadership, & equipping to TrueBridge churches and leaders so they can walk out their unique expression as a healthy and effective church through the following core values:


God is glorified and His work flows best through people who are united in loving, biblically healthy relationships.
–  We will choose to love God & all others as we are loved by God
–  We will forgive unconditionally the same way we are forgiven
–  We will accept just as we are accepted in the beloved Jesus
–  We will do life together
–  We will demonstrate in our actions that we highly value and appreciate people

Biblical View

The Bible is the inerrant word of God and therefore our standard for all we believe, teach and practice.
–  We will hold to the truth and authority of Scripture no matter what the cultural trends may be
–  We will teach the truths of Scripture to equip God’s people to live lives that honor Him
–  We will live our lives according to Scripture in such a way that others may follow our example
–  We will evaluate our doctrine against proven, historical theology


Train and impart to leaders so that they may do the work of the ministry.
–  We will spend quality time with the “equippees”.
–  We will provide materials, conferences, seminars
–  We will help leaders discover their purpose, gifts, and calling, and avenues to apply them
–  We will train to know, understand, teach TRUTH
Ephesians 4:11-12

Holy Spirit

Honor and desire the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, His gifts, His fruit and His ministries.
–  We will regularly teach, preach & model this value
–  We will create environments which welcome and nurture the effective development of the Spiritual Gifts
–  We will identify, train, equip & support “5-Fold” Ministries
–  We will inten@onally explore new opportunities for the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God outside of church environments
–  We will emphasize the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as an important aspect of effective Christian living.

Great Commission

The primary mission of the church is to go and make disciples in our community, our region, our nation, and other lands.
–  We will build a church culture where members are motivated & equipped to make disciples
–  We will build an outreach culture in each church and ministry
–  We will train leaders who will plant churches
–  We will train, send & support global missionaries